auravide auravide

Counting down

Translated by Leandro Guerra Martins - [email protected]
Final revision by Françoise Killick - [email protected]

Hi friends, I was thinking about what to write when I received the following message:

"Heavy discharges from the layers of the planet earth, sismic movements and subtle changes, that used to happen occasionnally, are becoming more frequent and important, mainly in the areas of Africa, south of Europe, Middle East, Australia and the Eastern coast. The consequences are multiple and reactions reveal themselves at the surface level, thousand of miles away from where the phenomenom happened. We cannot stabilize the breakage lines any longer and, will not be in condition to do so in the future for lack of time and because of the excess of negative energy of the earth crust.

In your sleep, many of you can remember working in rescues, earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanoes and trips to some strange places. Each one of you is part of groups of workers, differentiated by etherical colors, forming a group called "Warriors of the Rainbow". You have been provided with the understanding, concerning the soul, that changes are occurring in the planet and, internally, in your bodies and behaviours. Those who are in the footpath of Holy Love have dense energies in the emotional field, with the strong neutralizer that is LOVE. Just as emotional obstacles prevent the cosmic fluid of vital force to circulate through the human body, congregated forms of thoughts block the canals of energy that flow through the continents.

Let’s keep the energy in your houses and activities, in harmony, guiding ourselves through the canal of Holy Love that is in our genes (DNA).
Our major concern is the discharge of nuclear energy, which tests, especially in the US, are speeding the transition of the population. Bigger earthquakes will cause more breakages. Strong earthquakes will shake Los Angeles, California, that will totally be destroyed when the Mississippi river is reached. This tremor will be followed by another one 12 hours later, a devastating earthquake that will divide the continent: first Los Angeles, then New York. It will also reach Europe later. The solar flames will generate waves of heat, illnesses and riots of all species. These solar flames will straighten the earth axle and will cause rapid climatic changes.

There has been a period of intense positive vibrations - almost 20 years, that gave roots to the planet. However, we have come to a point of such an intense planetary blackout that there are now approximately 7 years left to choose definitively between light and darkness. In other words, will we manage to gather our vibrations in order to stimulate the ascencion of our planet, as a living organism?

There will be a nuclear war, involving Israel and the Arab countries. Sacred symbols, such as the Arch of the Alliance, will be teletransported by the brothers of space.

Fear is unnecessary, and those who connected to Light will not be affected by catastrophes (either physically or in their souls). Do not fear, everything obeys the Holy Plan, perfectly organized. Our work will reach a more intense dimension to replace specific people and deal with responsibilities with no interference in free-will. Final acceptance or rejection is an individual option. We only have to send high vibrations and wisdom to help, through the fourth dimension.

Allow part of your days to be alone, knowing you are not alone. Listen to the "voices" that are trying to awake and guide you. Allow your bodies to dissolve emotional barriers, as quickly as your souls long for that. The cleaner your channels, the bigger your ability in serving the Plan. Walk freely in the world and spread a touch of love and poetry, bringing light to the blackout that is approaching.

Wait for new contacts".

I Am, Lenira (Member of the Ashtar Command).

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