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Translated by Françoise Killick – [email protected]

I was already there when I realized it. “There” is a place of dreams and for dreams. There, I am happy and I feel happy. There, I love and am loved. There, I live and know how to live. And whenever I get there, she welcomes me.
There, we have no need to forgive as forgiveness is useless when love is pure, when respect is above our ambitions. Respect is above and comes before love. When we love, we look to the world through binoculars. Things happen quicker than they normally do. Everything is incredibly near. People get closer.
Who is “she”? I don’t know. The only thing I know is that, over there, everything is magic: after all, it is where she lives. She is so special that she could only live in a place full of love and happiness, with a unique perfume, and where the grass smells of recently-mown lawn.

People walk and smile. They sit by flowers and roses and smile. I never manage to go there when I want to. I only go when I deserve it, which I never know when it is. And there she is, waiting for me, as if she knew I was coming.
She is so special… She smiles, her eyes sparkle and her arms open to a new and unique hug. Every time we meet, it is the beginning of a new journey, the starting point of a singular energetic refilling. Her lips feel like silk when they touch my face and her hands are sweeter than velvet.
Once, she came to visit me. I was crying my eyes out, as I had just had a car accident. She touched me and it was a re-birth. The world was not big enough to absorb all the energy emanating from her. She cried as if she had failed in her mission of protection.
She is like that, half angel, half ideal woman. People believe she only exists in my imagination, but I don’t care as I can thus live a unique dream: my dream with my angel who taught me love and the need to forgive.
Her address? Easy: fill your heart with the pure dimension of love and your angel will show up. She always does. She never fails. More than once did my angel appear disguised as a human being. Angels are like that: they love to play tricks….
You can be the angel of someone or simply my angel. All you need is love.
I know we’ll be seeing each other.

Kisses in your soul.

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