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How to develop our internal light

Translation by Nancy Juozapavicius - [email protected]

Guidance from the Buddhist Tibetan Master Lama Gangchen Rinpoche on How to Get the Best Chance to develop our internal light.
Extract from his book “Ngel-So Tantric Self-healing III” (Ed.Gaia).

If we want to offer ourselves the best of this life, we need to create the causes for the eight special situations that are:

1. Saving the life of other beings and taking care of sick people brings us a long life with a lot of time to practice Self Healing. We can free animals, birds and fish that otherwise would be killed serving as food, such as lobsters and small lobsters in seafood restaurants, etc.

2. Developing the quality of patience and offering a lot of light to the Three Jewels – the Buddhist main principles - as well as clothes and jewelry to the representations of Buddha and other holy beings, makes the aspect of our mind extremely beautiful and lets our inner light reflects in our face. We can then influence and be a magnet for people only with our appearance. Offering light to Buddha is not cultivating an external God, but a way of recognizing the preciousness of our internal divinity, the Buddha nature we have in our hearts. The central part of a “thanka” receives the name of “mirror”, exactly because the image of Buddha is a reflection of our higher human potential..

3. Behaving on a humble and respectful way concerning all people around us, especially our Gurus, parents and teachers, is the path to become leaders, because everybody trusts us as they realize we are not in search of power.

4. Being generous is the cause of richness. If we are rich, many people wish to be our friends, giving us the opportunity to influence them in a positive way. There are many forms of richness: we must always remember that the inner richness is as important as the external one.

5. Always speaking honestly is the way to achieve the power of communication. With this power, everybody will believe us when we speak, and consequently we can become good teacher of Ngel-so Self Healing and Spatial Training.
6. Offering and developing a good relationship with our Healer Lama, our parents, doctors, with the elderly and wises is the is also a powerful tool for our fame and power, because gradually they will like and trust us giving their support, knowledge, contacts, energy and advice.

7. Helping solving other people’s problems, especially protecting them from danger is the main cause for our courage and clearing our practice of Self Healing.
8. Offering food, water and medicine to others and teaching them about Self Healing is the root that develops strong body and mind. Therefore, we’ll suffer far less diseases and will be able to easily develop deep experiences of regeneration, relaxation and Ngel-so Self Healing.
Of course we can practice Self Healing without all the above eight excellent advices, but its presence, though, improves the chances in our favor, giving assurance we will become Healer Lamas and guides in the way to finally leave the samsara (The endless wheel of incarnations). Understanding its benefits, we must invest part of our energy to fulfill these eight situations as soon as possible.

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Bel Cesar é psicóloga, pratica a psicoterapia sob a perspectiva do Budismo Tibetano desde 1990. Dedica-se ao tratamento do estresse traumático com os métodos de S.E.® - Somatic Experiencing (Experiência Somática) e de EMDR (Dessensibilização e Reprocessamento através de Movimentos Oculares). Desde 1991, dedica-se ao acompanhamento daqueles que enfrentam a morte. É também autora dos livros `Viagem Interior ao Tibete´ e `Morrer não se improvisa´, `O livro das Emoções´, `Mania de Sofrer´, `O sutil desequilíbrio do estresse´ em parceria com o psiquiatra Dr. Sergio Klepacz e `O Grande Amor - um objetivo de vida´ em parceria com Lama Michel Rinpoche. Todos editados pela Editora Gaia.
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