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Translation by Nancy Juozapavicius - [email protected]

All struggle hurts.
Time is the great master.
Nobody breaks the chain of past error while pride is in command.
The karmic chains are only broken with perception and compassion.
We are all in the same evolutionary boat. Life in Earth is only for a while. We belong to the Infinite.
However it is not nor noticeable, due to the density of bodies; we are stars and we are increasing our brightness.
Nothing belongs to us. Everything lasts only for a while.
Nature did borrow us its resources and in the right moment it will demand everything back, including the physical body we ‘wear’ in this moment. Luckily, we are immortal and will go behind our body, because there is much splendor waiting for us!
Hermetic Principles:
"You dress up to go down and take the dress off to go up".

"Wake up!
Remember you are a man,
you came from a star,
you are in a star,
and you are going to another star.
Land softly.
The messengers are guiding us”.

We live in the same vital essence. Black, white, yellow and red, we all travel in the same Cosmic Love. We are Light! The soul does not have a color, but racism has the color of mediocrity!

As Master Ramakrishna used to say: "While I live, I learn"!

Many people have the ‘savings account” of hatred and each day they hate a little more.

Be careful with the ego, it harms your best opportunities of growing.

There are dense spirits who feed themselves exclusively from the violent emotional bursts of living people, that is, ‘they subsist energetically’ from the emotional litter of humankind.
It is an absurd, but it is true; there are many spiritualists that are racists! It’s unbelievable that somebody who studies karma and reincarnation can be racist. There is only one explanation to this: the mediocrity of those people is bigger than their spiritual discernment.
Emotions are not good or bad, just human. Bad is the way we deal with them.
The soul is not born or dies: it is eternal! Just enters and leave the body. Based on this, we can say we are all extraterrestrials, because terrestrial is only the body.
When you go to bed, print in your mind the following: My body will rest deeply and in the morning I’ll wake up brand new. While my body sleeps, I will project myself and I’ll have with my spiritual friend divine and positive experiences”. As a friend poet says: rest the package and project the content”. You are not a saint, but you are not a devil either! You are just a human being evolving. So, learn with your mistakes and go ahead…

The old bamboo is dry and stiff, and under the force of the wind, it breaks easily. Yet the new bamboo is lean and flexible, and because of this, it does not break when the wind beats. Question: “Are you inflexible in the opinions and dry in your feelings like the old bamboo or are you flexible (open to renovation and change) as the new bamboo? Answer quickly, because ‘the wind of life’ is coming!

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