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I was surprised when I realized that sadness is a kind of a sleeping anger. I’m perfectly aware of the damage inflicted by anger in one’s life. In my opinion, there isn’t a feeling more degrading than anger negativity.
Living in this frequency, feeding the sentiment of anger, it’s the same that start the control of a serious disease that will come about some day. Badly planted, badly harvested. That is the Law of Cause and Effect.
I know several cases of people which lost control of their emotions because of material losses and try to find who is guilty. They forget to look to their own attitudes, unleashed vanities, judgments, winning upon others loss, and so on. In these behaviors they will find the origins of their losses.
This way, they start living in the past and in pursuit of a explaining for their unsuccessfulness. If in their exclusive point of view, find a reason or even a person, start to drop their hurt and anger. Who is losing? Themselves. First they’re sad, then hurt and finally get sick with anger. The person in question may be living in another vibratory frequency which is not attacked by anger.
If you’re sad, be angry quickly, but because your own sadness. Know how to live life. Living in the past makes us acid, sour and bitter and nobody wants to be in a relationship with us. To live in the future is for dreamers. People who will never be happy because always want more. Always searching for the unreachable, therefore, unsatisfied.

What is the SECRET then?
Learn how to live the present.

To give shape and life to the moment. Overcome limitations every second, as if it was the last one. Something went wrong? Great. Do not repeat it and be stronger because of your mistake. Learn from it and never do it again. That’s how we evolve in life.
My friend Vanderlei Peretti always says: “People, please, only new mistakes”…
New mistake is proper from those who act, who are entrepreneurs, who live life with intensity.
Old mistake is for those who haven’t yet learned to learn from their own mistakes. In fact, wise man learn mostly from other people’s mistakes and are never sad.
I hope that this knowledge, of sadness being a level of anger, makes you wake up for a new life.
There’s been a long time since I was sad… Since I found out that, to end sadness, I have to feel anger for it. There you go, two negative feelings, one ends up smashing the other. Worse than anger, only hate. But I have banned them both from my life.
I am happy.
What about you? Well, now you know what to do with your sadness.

I know we’ll meet.
A kiss on your soul.

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