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The symptoms of intoxication

por Conceição Trucom
The symptoms of intoxication
Publicado dia 20/07/2004 10:50:26 em STUM WORLD


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Translated by Françoise KILLICK
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The human body is basically matter and energy. Life happens through chemical and electric activities. Every thought, feeling, emotion or action causes chemical and electric alterations. Similarly, every thought or action depends on these alterations.

If we perceive our body like that, it will be easy to recognize that negative thoughts, such as fear, can cause ulcers; fear that, associated to bad nutrition, lacking fresh and nourishing food, will help the development of disease and complicate its healing. Therefore, in order for the human body to work perfectly and reach its potential in all aspects of life, it must be fed with the necessary chemical elements.

There is only one source – a healthy nourishment dynamic – that involves five elements 1) nutrition, 2) hydration, 3) breathing, 4) physical activity and 5) relaxation.
If this dynamic of healthy habits does not happen and gives place to “bad habits”, a vicious circle is created where the “bad habits” create metabolic (energetic) disturbances, interfering in the thoughts which become confuse and negative. And this creates more metabolic disturbances and difficulties to have disciplined healthy habits. Permanent disharmony in excess will diminish and weaken the functions of the whole body, mainly in relation to excretive mechanisms and systems. And we can include, besides the physical and internal factors, external factors such as noise and strong light, bright colours, aggressive forms, artificial smells and long contacts with synthetic products.

Modern life and the life style of big cities induce a stressful state that stimulates the five senses and disturbs all physiological functions. The more aggressive the stimuli one suffers during the day, the more important the need of sleep, relax and “digestion” to eliminate these negative stimuli and regenerate.

The human body is programmed to realize its elimination functions from the middle of the night until the beginning or half of the morning. The way we feel when we wake up depends on the degree of intoxication of our body. The symptoms are provoked by the effort of the excretive organs to get rid of the excess of toxins.

Symptoms in the body:
The more numerous and easiest to feel as the body tries to rapidly show its difficulties: swollen or sticky eyelids, red eyes, yellow eye membranes, foggy vision, necessity to blow one’s nose, dry or pasty mouth, tongue covered by a white or yellow plaque, need to cough or spit, head or stomach-aches, heavy body, rigidity and weakness in the articulations and muscles, problems with skin and hair, general tiredness.

Symptoms in the brain and mental body:
The synapses - the junction between the nerve cells - and the whole process of logical rationalizations are damaged and the person seems to have become “stupid”, at different degrees but which can even have negative effects on the instinctive self-defence reactions.
Troubled mind with the sensation of being disturbed. Slow thinking, bad memory and general indecision. Difficulty to think and plan.

Symptoms at the psycho-emotional level:
Instability and emotional vulnerability interfere on the behaviour and attitudes. The person lives in a world of illusions, gradually loosing contact with real world, desire to live here and now, and the symptoms of anxiety, melancholy and depression appear.

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Sobre o autor
Conceição Trucom é química, cientista e escritora sobre Alimentação Baseada em Plantas, considerada como Alimentação do Futuro: vitalizante e regenerativa.
Email: [email protected]
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