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Translation of Fernanda Silva - [email protected]

Nature has uncountable ways that are ever changing. Nothing remains static and everything has the inner quality of becoming its own opposite.
It isn't different when it comes to human beings and this law can be applied to any situation of our existence. Sadness can become joy, haste becomes relaxation, anxiety becomes serenity, etc.
But our feelings and moods can only go under transmutation if we are permanently aware of their existence. If we can at every moment of life notice the roots which give birth to our emotions, mainly the negative ones, we'll be certainly able to promote change into a different state.
But it doesn't take a desperate fight to obtain this result.
Permanent observation of our inner self and the strong decision of desiring to change constitute the main step to attain this goal.
Its important for us to know that no bad condition has to last forever and we all deserve to live in a state of peace and happiness.
When this awareness is reached we start to look for new ways of dealing with life's situations in order to transform those situations which bring suffering into opportunities of liberation and inner development.

Blessing is the only criterion for life. If your life isn't blessed then know that you are moving erroneously. Suffering is the criterion of being wrong, and blessing is of being right – there is no other criteria.
There is no need to ask anybody else. You can use this criterion in your day-to-day life. The criterion is blessing. It's the same criterion of testing gold by rubbing it against a rock: the goldsmith will throw away whatever is not pure, and bring to his store what is pure. Keep on checking everyday using the criterion of blessing; see what is right and what is wrong.
Whatever is wrong can be thrown away and whatever is right will start to slowly accumulate like a treasure.

Osho, Inner Journey

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