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Translated by Françoise Killick -

I felt your presence and the necessity to write...

"Dear ones
When you find yourselves questioning everything and everybody, you will know that you are very close to Light. We need to doubt in order to see it: Only when light ends, does the day come. Nothing can be rushed as there is an evolution cycle. We need to know suffering to understand that God is our Father and that He does not abandon us.
No matter how long you have walked and how noble your mission is. The climbing is long, I agree. Only with much love do we manage to get near the Father, as this is what He is: pure love.

It is so easy to get off the road, as nothing is demanded then, apart from our will to mark the road of evil. But the higher we go, the more it is required from us. Nothing is asked from those who know nothing. But nothing is revealed to them either. However, when we start our ascension towards Light, we are bound to abandon the blindness of ignorance.
I know we do not attain this understanding quickly and easily. It is part of the game, and knowing ourselves is the beginning of the journey. Many of us are tired, feel weak and have a pessimistic concept of life, as they consider life as a big mistake, a fake. They never see dawn and are overwhelmed with pessimism.

Without establishing a hierarchy, we can define those who are ambitious, those for whom life means only experiencing pleasure, have sensations and find happiness in material things. They are far from knowing that the best things are the ones that are not touched, but felt. These persons are easily excited or depressive...
We then have the intense, the evolved, those who know that life is a constant search of deeper states of mind. To live, for them, is to become mature, look for truth and grow. They reckon life is difficult but that it stimulates them to find their real being and God in their heart.

The truth they all look for lies in these words that so many are reluctant to accept as it is difficult to express real love and forgiveness. Nobody can really love unless his heart is freed from pain, sorrow and hate.
I know we'll be seeing each other.
Kisses in your soul.

por Saul Brandalise Jr.

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Saul Brandalise Jr. é colaborador do Site, autor do livro: O Despertar da Consciência da editora Theus, onde mostra através das narrativas de suas experiências como extrair lições de vida e entusiasmo de cada obstáculo que se encontra ao longo de uma vida.
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