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Taking Care of our Energy

Taking Care of our Energy
Publicado dia 9/24/2004 5:58:26 PM em STUM WORLD


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Translated by Luciana Soares - [email protected]

Once I've been to a speech here in Belo Horizonte about spirituality... The speaker, who came from São Paulo, started by telling us about his car trip.
He spoke enthusiastically about the beautiful landscapes he saw... many trees... birds... a deep blue sky... There was a moment when it rained and he saw the beauty of the rain... I think that he even saw a rainbow... and he told that with so much enthusiasm that made us feel how beautiful that trip should have been... and in the end, he said quickly that he had seen two car crashes too.
In his speech he showed the importance of emphasizing the positive side, showing how, by resonance, we attract the things we are tuned in to. I couldn't help thinking how most people would have given more emphasis to the car crashes and many wouldn't even remember of talking about the landscape or looking at it...
We learn, in childhood, to spread and to give more emphasis to the dramatic side of the things... and this is so evident in our culture that at every moment we are being bombed with all kinds of sad and dramatic news and there is to little space to show positive things, which are also happening in our world.

As we attract the things we are tuned into, it's very important to give a lot of attention to our thoughts, words, actions, because they are the seed of those results we'll have.
It's of no use complaining or blaming luck when these results reveal, somehow, our reality...
What we can do is to choose with love the seed we are going to sow in our lives and start to emphasize the beautiful side of life, being careful with our thoughts... which originate our actions.

Self-pity is one of the most efficient forms to become vulnerable to the energies that pull us down... that make us feel down in the dumps. When we put ourselves on the position of victims and when we get something back for feeling poor fellows, unconsciously we create more and more situations that make us pity worthy... then we get tuned in to the energies that are in the same frequency...

To thank
To thank is a very positive thing... Every time you catch yourself complaining about life try to change this attitude of complaining for one of gratefulness. Put aside the things that are the reason of your complaints and look for something you are grateful for... There are always many things to thank for... and as time goes by, there will be many others.

Listen to your heart
Our heart, like a kind of radar, is always warning when something is not doing well... sensations or small signs that our body gives trying to call our attention... but, many times, for convenience, or for letting the reason prove that that is nonsense, we stop listening to these messages and we get subjected to the energies we could have avoided, if we had given attention to our intuition. Then... pay attention to the signs and come closer to the heart, learning to trust more and more the ways He shows, is one way of walking through safer and softer paths.

Looking for the Center
When we are living a time of big changes, as nowadays, it is difficult not to be swayed by the chaos and disorder that come to us in many different ways...
How do we avoid these energies to affect us in the many different ways they can do?
I like to think that the best way to prevent other energies to pull us to other directions is being always focused... inside of each one of us, there is a serenity point that leads us to go through the chaos without being affected by it...
I know that in our reality, everything calls us to many different ways that almost always moves us apart from our center, and I know how difficult it is to be alert all the time for not being swayed by... but, there are many meditations... creative visualizations... mantras and other tools that let us focused.

These tools can work as a precious key for this time we are living and it is important that each one of us find one which she/he is tuned in to... or create one according to his/her own wisdom.
Once, meditating, I saw myself in a cave where a woman taught me a simpler way to get focused.
She showed me a white light mandala and told me to go to its middle... I saw myself walking through it towards the center while she was telling me that, there in the center, everything I needed would come to me... When I reached the center of the mandala I felt much better as if that place was holy and as if nothing would affect me...
From that moment on, I've been using this image of the white light mandala to focus, and it's coming in a faster and faster way... and I see myself walking towards the center... knowing that in that place nothing affects me and that everything I need always comes to me when I find myself there.
Thus... each person can find a very simple form to go to his/her center... being sure this is the best place we can be... We can change in the same way the water does when it is exposed to the frequency of the energies...
It's necessary to be careful and to take care of our energy in the same way we do with a very precious thing because it really is...
If we are focused we get less vulnerable to the external energies and it gets much easier to accomplish our divine purpose...
When we take care of our own energy, we contribute to make the energy of the planet better, because we interfere in the whole... and thus we can take more Light where It is necessary...

Rubia A. Dantés is a designer, produces mandalas based on meditations and also studies the Mayan culture.

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Rubia A. Dantés é Designer, cria mandalas e ilustrações em conexão...
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