Beyond the fear... a gift..

por Rubia A. Dantés

English version by Claver Moraes - [email protected]

The search subject of the true identity has permeated my dreams and my days and recently I realized that I was without my identity, one that is a document, just one year ago.. and in the search for another, one that is infinite and unlimited, I found myself getting this one which fits on a piece of glossy paper.

As it's arrived on a 22, I saw that it was 22 years ago, which it had been renovated and... it came from the one's hands, who was born in 22 also... precisely April 22, and so, I went out to get the meaning.
So I find that my identity was returned by someone who was born on April 22 which is the day of the discovery of Brazil and the Mother Earth's day.

Knowing it was the Mother Earth's day gave me an unrestrained joy... Being the wires connected, it became clear that I'm finally succeeding to grow my roots in this beautiful and beloved country, in this beautiful and beloved planet... As my grandfather was born on the day of discovery of America and has Portuguese origin... I recognized that receipt of the identity as a new birth... where I was receiving all the blessings of my ancestry through my Mother Earth... Coincidentally or not, I just had a super strong experience in the Tower of Lisboa, exactly the place from where the caravels had gone out.

When I realized what it meant to me, it came to me the image of our darling Mother Earth; water, fire and air... freely traveling through the infinite spaces like a great spaceship, and feeling her like this gave me a comfort and made me sure that each of us has a role on this trip; each of us has a specific function to be performed and that when we are in full use of our Gifts that only happens when we rescue our true identity, is when we will be happy and carrying out our Divine purpose.

Receiving this new/old identity had a very special flavor to me, because it was a time preceded by a large release of my pieces that showed me a very great fear related to the use of intuition Gifts. I realized that in my unconscious shadows, there was a belief that I could not use my gifts, well hidden in a dark corner. Inside this experience, which I accessed this belief, I found myself going through a big pain in a very old time, but that left me such deep marks that I didn't realize about their existence in this way it was revealed to me.

I felt all the pain and cried all the tears, I experienced every emotion that was there at that point I accessed them inside me... and I could once again see how vivid are these memories and how they act leading us to sabotage our lives where we have more fear, and as a master of mine told: You are afraid of what you most want.

This was again proven as I plunged into the world of shadows with the help of Ho'oponopono, as I cleaned the memories that was coming; when I did these things I discovered that my fear was preventing me from living... and had a connection with my true identity, and consequently, with my Gifts...

Once worked, this fear brought to me a very rich material when it showed me how I was attracting the right people who would just help in that sabotage. And as it was clear that nothing is outside, and that we create our reality by projecting what we need to prevent us from repeating a story that was painful someday...

In that case, I saw that my pain was caused in a supposed past life when I fully expressed my Gifts and, by so much pain, it leads me to create a protection so that this would never happen again... The belief that I couldn't go on and go beyond a certain point.

Whenever it threatened to happen in my reality, a part of me found a way to slam on the brakes to not go ahead with that project and it would be like if I asked people for: "Please, get into my story and help me to sabotage these plans so he wouldn't go forward, it cannot do."
Or would send such a message:

"Please, don't help me with this plan because it cannot go on... if this happens, it will cause me a great pain."

In addition, of course, to do my part with an exaggerated perfectionism that prevented many beginnings did not find its end, many projects that only go up to a point where from there was dangerous to go forward...

My creativity was going a mile a minute, but the part of realizing it on the Earth was going very slow...
When I get that identity and all understanding related to this fear which prevented me from going forward, it comes to me a very deep Love for my Mother Earth... Love and Gratitude.
When I was going beyond the fear, I felt that released a lot of energy and joy to my present and more strength to meet what my Soul want...

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Rubia A. Dantés é Designer, cria mandalas e ilustrações em conexão...
Trabalhos individuais e em grupo, com o Sagrado Feminino, o Dom e o Perdão...
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