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10 Steps to become your own Master – Part 9

Translated by Françoise Killick – [email protected]

Observe, remember, re-photograph

In the first part, we talked about the power of thoughts which become beliefs, which become images. These images appear in our life experiences. This is why we promised ourselves to be careful with our thoughts.
In the second part, we saw there is an unbreakable link between body, mind and soul. We engaged ourselves to respect and love our body which is a function of mind and the temporary altar of our spirit.
In the third part, we saw how "deprogramming" changes behaviours or beliefs and we promised ourselves not to repeat old behaviours and not to judge nor evaluate the others.
In the fourth part, we agreed that we should not always see the negative side of things but bring good things in our experiences.
In the fifth part, we analysed the Ten Commandments in a very different manner we have been taught by the catholic church.
In the sixth part, we talked about the news findings of neuroscience, which states that there is an emotional and primitive brain inside another cognitive, rational and conscious one. It is important that we connect both.
In the seventh part, we saw that the part contains the whole, that we are small pieces of a Universe that acts over a potential intelligence which we have not reached yet, but which is nonetheless in us.
In the eighth part, we talked about muscling our mind which, just like the body, needs to be trained daily. We tried to show you that the exercises with mental images are very effective for such.
In this ninth step, we are going to analyse a very important method of growing and widening our conscience:

Observe, remember and re-photograph

We have to observe everything that happens to us. As a French philosopher used to say: "Ethics is to deserve what happens to us".
So, observe how is your life. Analyse how you relate to people and the kind of people you attract in your life. Feel the energy of your house, of your family, of your workplace.
Pay attention to the way to talk to people, to your tone of voice, to the use of the verbs, to the seduction, the promises you will never be able to fulfil.
Observe how you treat your parents, your children, your wife or husband, your neighbour, your money and the others', your friends, your city, your country.
Observe, because everything, absolutely everything that you do and the way you do it will go back to you, proving, for the hundredth time, the power of cause and effect, as well as the saying of the philosopher mentioned above.
Observe nature and its rhythm. There are no flowers on the trees in winter. This should be a lesson for the winters in our lives, which is a time for us to get inside ourselves to understand the reasons of loss, mourn, changes. These moments ought to be respected.
Observe and try to remember all the times you didn't and were at the mercy of the others, in the middle of chaos, desperate, lonely, endlessly repeating situations you had already lived and needn't to be living again.
Observe, remember and re-photograph.
Send to your mind new ways of making things happen, help your mind to keep images of beauty and of new possibilities. Throw away the toxic photos of your life film and replace it by a brand new one. Start making new photos and you will see that life is to re-photograph feelings that did not make sense any longer.
Let's go to the exercise (thanks to Dr. Epstein for the inspiration!).
Sit down with the palms of your hands on your lap and your eyes closed. Breathe deeply three times and bring your attention to this exercise that won't take more than a few seconds, and that we will call:

Exercise of renewal

Imagine yourself in front of a photograph machine which has the power to make photographs as if they were X-rays of your inside and outside body. You needn't do anything. The machine takes care of everything that needs cleansing, forgiveness and cure. When you feel it is enough, take the film from the machine and throw it in the deep infinite. Knowing that there is space for new photos, imagine the photo you wish to keep in your brand new heart or the part of your body that needs to receive this photo.
Then, breathe deeply and open your eyes.

Practice this exercise during 21 days, stop 7 days. Repeat it for 21 days and stop 7 days before practicing it for a last time 21 days. Always when you wake up.
If you are in the middle of another exercise, print this one to have it when you finish the other one. But remember to only practice one exercise at a time.

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