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Countdown - Part 2

Translated by Leandro Guerra Martins -
Final revision by Françoise Killick -

My friends,

It is important that you know there has been another impulse for the straightening of the earth axle, which apex was on December 8th, the day of the Immaculate Conception, Maria, the mother of the world.

This means the feminine force will now become stronger, acting in the supra conscientious levels.
This implies people will become more subtle and perceptive.
You will perhaps suffer from giddiness, lack of attention, allergies, irritability, uneasiness, herpes, in a word, feel all the symptoms of the ascension with more strength, especially giddiness, as our corporal axle is also straightening with the planet.

During this period, we must get spiritually prepared. There will be a great manifestation of devotion throughout the planet, when our souls take conscience of the real possibilities that are approaching.
I will now give you a summary of what I received, without being able to define dates, as time, in the dimension where our friends are, is completely distinct of ours.

"There is a possibility of a disturbance coming from another solar system.
It will not have to enter your atmosphere to cause electromagnetic consequences, as it can cause serious damages from far away. We are organized in such a way that we can proceed to an evacuation in 15 minutes of your time.

There are mechanisms of highly advanced data collection that are unknown to you. Therefore, the fear is unnecessary for those who follow the Light. We will be ready to collect those who can be "rescued".
It’s our duty to take care of your planet for many civilizations. We are in conditions to give you details of what will happen, and to specify when or where.

We have orders to be more generic, as there are many variables involved.
However, there will be a determined sequence of events, projected with favorable precision. For example: It is evident that the terrestrial crust will suffer eruptions because of volcanic action, very soon. There is an intense activity inside the Earth that indicates many volcanoes will enter in eruption. It will probably begin in the Mediterranean and the littoral line of America up to Hawai and this zone of the Pacific.
We will only be able to soften the effects.

The reaction of the planet to these disturbances will be immediate. There will be a domino effect, since this activity will produce others in the heart of the Earth, and the consequences will be earthquakes and tidal waves in the Occidental Coast, through the existing cracks.

When these events start to occur, it will be the time to leave these regions near the coast and move to higher lands.
A tidal wave series will reach the south littoral line of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and will create chaos and destruction in the region of the Caribbean, Bermuda, Florida, California, and probably even New York. In the Western region, the disturbances that are below the surface of the ocean will move northward to the Atlantic coast, creating strong storms, both in the English and American coasts, with whip of winds and storms that will be precipitated by tidal waves. These tidal waves will destroy parts of the coasts of Africa, Oceania and Japan, besides some countries in Europe.

In case of planetary evacuation, children will be taken care of first. Big ships of vibration of love are already prepared.
Many of you are being prepared to take care of these children.
I would like to add that certain parts of the planet will certainly be in danger, because of atomic energy, chemical wars and natural catastrophes (tidal waves, earthquakes and thawing of the poles. In this case, there will be no evacuation, but specific rescues.
Our ships are being seen and our presence perceived by more and more people. Our presence will bring no threat or sensation of fear, as we will be in mission of Peace, that reflects in your hearts.

I am Commander Setun Shenar
At the service of the Ashtar Command.
Peace without Borders!"

Folks, it is not my, nor their intention to frighten you. On the contrary, they want, more than never, to transmit the peacefulness and that you know that those who remain connected to Light can count on their aid in any situation.
Therefore, I believe my part is to emphasize how worthwhile it is to invest in your own reform, in love without return, in ethical and true attitudes, as it is with no doubt the moment to separate the wheat from the chaff.
It is also time to pray and watch, as the forces of darkness are desperately trying to destroy the Light that is shining in each heart.

Much Light!

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