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Do you know how to achieve your goals?

Translated by Marcela Tizo
Final revision by Maria Angela R.Cunha

Take the “Desire x Will” test and find out!

In many moments of our lives, we believe we are doing the right thing! We think positively, we move forward with great optimism, we feed our actions with good expectations and we wait for our dreams and ideals to come true. While in this optimistic moments, we almost naturally believe us to be very correctly exercising, our greatest Divine Heritage: the Creative Will! By the Power of the Will, we can create and keep Happiness in our lives. However, we are not able to direct and to control our actions and reactions to exercise this natural power at its fullest all the time.

If you had read my last week’s article “Are you able to decipher your conscience”, you know a basic requirement to achieve a balance through our Vital Essence that is to recognize the human conscience and comprehend it as if it was a closet that needs to be kept in order, with its drawers and shelves, free from blocks and prejudice. After all, our Essence is the one that knows, has a power and determines the expression of our Will in everything we want to live and to create for our reality.

For those readers who questioned me about it, I would like to bring some answers. First of all, I must clarify the Course CREC, where I work as coordinator, means: Improve Conscience and Body Energetic Balance Course. According the testimonies of many people who take the CREC “it is amazing and so delightful to take it”. Course’s methodology is really exclusive! Nevertheless, undoubtedly, it is also complementary to a lot of great techniques, which we can get nowadays.
It is, truly revolutionary, when it comes to pass theoretical and practical concepts of “Self” Development and Personal Harmonization on to people, that allow them to work themselves out, balance themselves, magnify their own confidence, grow “from the inside to outside” – from the Spiritual Essence to the mind, and from this to the vehicle through which they express the Life in the material world: their body. It is a full growth, entirely. It is really worthy. I am fascinated by the extension and simplicity with which this concepts, as each module’s course ends, in a fantastically logical way, explains the meaning of each one of us, of our lives, being the way we are, making it possible to retake balance, better health, relationships, professional expressions, well, it is hard to explain!

We chose the subject for this article so you could come approach some of the contents we develop over the past 12 years we have worked with every segment of “Essential Balance”.

We will add interesting contents to each article, explaining conscience structure and its sensorial relations, its coverage and inter-relation with body, mind and spirit, but, today, when you understand how “Desire X Will” works, you will notice how, many times we believe to be acting in the right way to achieve our goals, but it is always what we are actually doing. We always look for good results, better relationships, knowledge enlargement, and our Being improvement in every aspect of life. This natural search is willing to provide each one of us with happiness achievement! Everyone wants to be happy! This is our greatest Will! We are “Willing” to find Peace, to live more calmly, to find out a more effective way to fulfill our objectives, to keep full conditions of health, abundance and harmony! We seek, above all, satisfactions for our needs, related to our physical body, to our mind or Spirit that we are and that expresses itself in us and through us.

All of these are basic factors to the happiness we naturally search for. So, this is the way to find our Essential Balance. The action which creates and manifests this search is supported by the expression of our deepest Will. Do we really know how to use this? Exercise this? We need to know how to effectively manifest this power of us; after all, the Will is the most powerful “Creative” Force in the Universe. Like our Divine Heritage, the Will does our Capability to Create, and it is up to each one of us to develop this, so that we are able to define, for sure, the Reality of our own Lives.

Thus, presuming all our Capability to Materialize is proportionally related to the Quality in our Ideal’s construction. These Ideals must rely on thoughts and feelings purity, both filtered and qualified by love’s energy. Such condition can only be possible when we try to identify, to work and to develop our Inner Qualities: Those that come from the Spirit, the Mind and the Body, recognizing ourselves as Individual Beings, unique, integrated and who interact with other beings, only through recognition of ourselves, only so that we are able to recognize ourselves. We are beings who look ourselves like mirrors reflecting upon the other, only, our own interior. All of we, individuals, do create our outside reality from what we are on the inside, and the reality lived by each one of us is, purely and uniquely, a reflection of our own conscience.

The Will is Strong and Powerful, since it is based on the individual’s Intern Capabilities, in its profoundest and most essential condition, and that is only when you comprehend the Will, that clear perception of Desire is possible! Desire is weak and deceptive. It is based on the individual’s External Conditions at the basic levels of his conscience. Conscience levels are all, equally important; but the basic levels causes and stimulates Desire’s illusions, when we are unbalanced and we judge our values from the outside of ourselves.

Desire gives in to the difficulties and projects our objectives always in the future: WHEN.... one day, when this happens, when everything is fine. Then I will...
The conquest accepts time and space terms; considers relativity and imposes lack of adjustments into actions’ effectiveness. Reactions are imprecise, and in many situations, even illogical!

Will, on the other side, overcomes difficulties and puts our objectives in the present: It Is. Our objective is accomplished through marks to be hitting now! The conquest is built on Essential Assurances, which creates the right moment to, inevitably, come true. Actions are natural and precise, and reactions are balancing, and, if necessary, consciously target - aligning.

When Human Beings acknowledge (of themselves), everything outside of them come true. People, who look for their own harmony in the first place, will see all the other things are given to them naturally. So, comprehending Will is based in your Spirit and Desire comes when your search is supposed to nourish your concrete reality, or your basic needs, then you will understand the following test:Test: Have you been exerting your Will Power?

Feel and think of something you truly want to happen in your life. Chose an objective, which is important to you! To each item, mark the intensity with which you imagine this fact: 0 to 5.

Answer: At the moments I am “dreaming” about this fact coming true...

1) I imagine how would people around me react to this fact?

2) I imagine how important would social recognition to this fact be?

3) I imagine what a calm person I would become?

4) I imagine how respectful this fact would make me?

5) I imagine how much this fact would make me better than someone, specifically?

6) I imagine how much this fact would make me friendlier to the World?

7) I imagine how happy would this fact make me?

Now, sum up your points and check the Desire or Will level in this objective.

If you made from:
0-7 Purely Will - you are intensively exercising your Will Power, facing this fact. Forecast: Highly favorable to accomplish your objective.

8-14 Partial Will - you partially exercise your Will Power, facing up to the fact.
Forecast: Favorable

15-21 Lack of determination - you are swaying between Will and Desire regarding this fact. Forecast: Not defined to accomplish your objective

22-28 Partial Desire - you exercise you desire partially for this fact.
Forecast: Not favorable to accomplish your objective

29-35 Purely Desire - You have a strong Desire toward this fact.
Forecast: Highly unlikely to accomplish your objective.

If you have been using your Will Power it means you have been fighting for this objective in a very essential, attentive way. You consider your needs, essentially, as well as, the Reasons and the Ways of Achievement of your goals.
If you are seeking an objective through Desire, it is made necessary to re- evaluate the Reasons, the Ways and the Necessity it has in your life. - Why are you looking forward to this? You are actually considering your objective’s reasons rationally and not essentially, and that is why your attention, most of the time, is focused on imagination, which consists on: “That would be so great if I...”; ”One day…”; “When that happens...”; “Then everything is going to be all right...”; “I will get things together for all of us...”; or then: “Damn it! They just wait and see!”
None of these times you are absolutely sure if you will reach your goal, even if you constantly say the opposite. You are not exercising your Creative Power, your Will Power, and if you want to achieve your objective, you must do so to make it possible.

Basically, we need to pay attention to ourselves, to our Thoughts and Feelings, to our Intentions, Actions and Reactions, considering Essentially, the Reality in our Lives, our reasons, our needs and principles, and the means by which we act to get what we want.

If you are ready to change your score, start paying attention to your objectives and your intentions toward them, retaking the test, once in a while, to recognize the changes that may occur. Tell yourself, willingly and firmly, you will direct your objectives through your Will Power! Only through it, you will be able to define and direct your Free Will in a suitable way, creating, for your Life, a Reality made of Abundance, Growth, Health, Harmony, Peace, Balance, Essential, Mental and Concrete Assurance.

This test was based on a sentence by Lao Tsé, which says: “A wise man is good to the good and good to the bad; honest with the honest and honest with the dishonest; fair with the fair and fair with the unfair, that means, the wise men is always self centered, in his own character and never at any outside aspect, for that would make him weak”.
By the test, we can see that, the more we put our attention outside, the more susceptible we are to defeat.
At our courses, commonly, some people “revolt” against the test’s results. It is very normal, specially when it comes to happiness and peace, but our answer is, always, if you cannot be happy and peaceful no matter what you are living, then your spirit is certainly blind, and in the middle of confusion, you will not be able to achieve successful living. The secret, at this point, is always to see the good in the bad things... but this is a subjective for another article.

I have to leave a small comment here, related still to our previous article, thank you so much for the affectionate messages. Thanks to all of you, to all encouraging and sensitive compliments. You are wonderful! It is so good to know it is somehow possible, in this world we live today, to nourish ourselves with love, in this union that even if only virtual, touches us deeply and cherishingly. What an amazing website and how noble is its objective! So warmly welcome I felt here. I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, and I hope, through each article, to return and to provide the same happiness to all who can possibly share what I mean to pass on.
We are waiting for you... See you there!

Isabel Romanello is Essential Balance’s co-founder, together with Jose Ervolino Neto. They work as coordinators of courses and events, as well as, therapists in personal appointments, and business human relationship improvement.

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Isabel Romanello é Co-fundadora da Equilíbrio Essencial com
J. Ervolino Neto, que atuam como coordenadores de cursos, eventos
e como Terapeutas em atendimentos individuais e na área empresarial.
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