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Exercises to fight the low self esteem

Translation by Luana Cristina Guedes
[email protected]


SELF means a way for someone to refer to herself.

ESTEEM is the feeling of like, respect, admiration, joy in feeling, in valorize with dignity, with affection and compassion.

SELF ESTEEM, then, is when someone feels worthy being loved, respected and valorized, and above all, by herself.

LOW SELF ESTEEM is when this feeling is affected, destroyed, weak, or even broken.

It’s when you think everybody is better than you and that your life is not worthy living anymore. Everybody is happier, more successful and more efficient. In the popular way, it’s when you are feeling blue. What can you do?

First: stop comparing yourself with the others. No fingerprint is the same. You are also one of a kind.

Second: turn off the programs of the media that show you men and women made to be consumed. You are not a car that needs to have its model changed year by year to be consumed. You are a human being with body, soul and spirit. Make this work on the ones who try to transform you in a puppet.

Third: try to be acquainted with people who accept you exactly the way you are. Do not lie to yourself, do not pretend to be what you are not, do not try to please the others. Be authentic and realistic. Only the truth makes you free.

If you want you can get help doing this exercise with mental images for 21 days, three times a day: when you wake up, before having lunch, and before going to bed. They are fast, instantaneous.

Follow the instructions given above and and put your attention in the purpose of this exercise.


See, feel, perceive, imagine or pretend you are sitting on a large box in the middle of the desert. Look around and see that the sky is gray and the earth is dry and unnourished. Be aware that this desert represents you.
Breath deeply and open this box. Imagine you are taking seeds out of it, and that you will throw them around you, always higher and farther.
See flowers, trees, birds and rivers appearing. Look at the blue sky and see the sun shining at you. Feel your transformation, and a new being rising inside you.
Wake up for the light and for the happiness of loving yourself definitely.
Breath and open your eyes!!!

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