Have you ever been able to decipher your conscience?

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Translated by Marcela Tizo
Final revision by Maria Angela R.Cunha

The colors have a very important role in it.

If you have not been able yet, you have to learn it!! The achievement of your happiness depends directly on how much you know about your conscience.

Ordinary things, such as colors or sounds, have a fundamental part in this learning process, which stimulates wonderful experiences in our lives! It is very important to comprehend, for example, that colors can interpret our lives. Furthermore, much more than we have ever imagined! That’s right! There is a code in our conscience, and all of us, human beings, have to learn how to decode it, but still, many of us ignore it.

It is simply amazing to recognize that code and to comprehend the meaning of this code. However, I must emphasize, here, I am not talking about cromoterapia (color‘s therapy) concepts, not even I am giving colors a meaning. What I am really talking about is a captivating methodology, very unique and interesting, that “understands” colors as frequencies of energy received by the vision’s sense.
By the way, not only colors, but also sounds, all different smells and flavors or the range of sensations provided by the tact, are energetic frequencies captured by our sensorial organs.

Every frequency received by us is related to each other, ”talks”, and gives us through our senses, specific supplies to each one of our conscience levels, even if we don’t realize or are not aware of this. It is a natural and inevitable condition, inherent to our living structure.

All people, in every second of their life, store a specific history, through each stimulus or each new life experiment. The syntheses of all our experiences are kept in some of our conscience’s levels, depending on to what they had affected, in good or bad aspect. These “levels” can be pictured as drawers, or like a closet, with some shelves. So, how can we comprehend this closet? How can we recognize this structure, that we call conscience? It can be, and it is, indeed, very easy to understand.

Imagine, what would be your reaction if somebody told you: “You do not live”!, or “You do not exist”! We expect your reaction to be of as much assurance of your life and existence, as you have no doubt about who you are, how and where you are, and if you still feel yourself questioned with such strangeness, you have, above all, reaffirmed your CONSCIENCE OF LIFE! After all, it is clear, obvious and real! You, I and everyone else live and exist! We have and we develop what we call conscience! We are a magnificent and full Conscience of Life!

When we attempt to recognize or to comprehend our conscience, we question: “ How is this conscience like? What is that? What our senses, colors or sounds have to do with all these things?”

Well, a profound concept such as conscience can be understood with extreme simplicity. Therefore, is this really possible? Should not it be very hard to comprehend? How would something so great be easily understood?

This is a very simple way to comprehend conscience, since the concepts in which we rely on are truthful! When we speak of truth, all of us who have already been able to access - even if just a little – life’s reality essence, are aware that many people make things too complicated, because of their ignorance.
Not evil, pejorative ignorance, but ignorance, which does not know, ignores the purest essence of life! We, unfortunately, have only flashes of this essence, but those are so powerful in its Divine subtleness, they fulfill the very soul of the ones who experience with infinite peace’s fullness! The truth is very simply understood, and above all, produces Inner Peace. To make it possible to find this Peace, it has to be felt through our essential sensitivity... the sensitivity that flows from our Inner Self... from our deepest being...

So, we are asking you to only feel... From now on, whenever you read our articles, always look for a “Truth Echo”, in YOUR OWN interior. Besides, you should act exactly like this in every aspect of your life, do you know? We must read any text, books, magazines, watch the television or a movie in the cinema, listen to what is told us in so many different ways and languages, simply keeping our attention focused there, inside of ourselves, simply looking forward to feel the TRUTH in this things or only foreseen!

If foreseeing, noticing the Truth, is possible to you, embrace that as part of your life. If your sensitivity indicates you mistakes, delusions, lies, back off, and do not worry any longer, preventing yourself from acting based on prejudiced ideas. At first, if a personal definition as for the truth or lie is not possible, and you have doubts and uncertainty in your heart, discerne about what you have presaged and try not to structure prejudice. Open-mindedly analyze, think about that, from that moment, and in fact, soon you’ll recognize the truth or the reasons for feeling uncomfortable.
So, let’s compare our Conscience to a closet with drawers or shelves keeping everything we experiment in daily life. Good things and bad things. Good things are like balm for our happiness, if kept in our closet... On the contrary, bad things, even when seem to be forgotten, only apparently they left our closet, but they are still there, performing a huge mess, causing conflicts, and, further on, developing unbalance, which affects even our physical body and our health. Exactly. These bad things we keep in our “closet”, and they are, at first, the basic cause for our blocks, diseases, or even the problems occurring in every area of our lives. There, bad things are kept in the shadows, interfering in our daily life, in our actions and reactions, without our notice.

In fact, it is possible to forget the facts experienced in a recent or distant past, but what is even more difficult, is the unbalance installs itself and remains in our closet, developing Conscience Patterns. The Pattern causes new Personal Block, which starting to cause, to attract or to generate new conflicts.
If we focus our attention, we notice, many times, the situations we face seem to repeat themselves rather frequently, cyclically, and almost in a chain. It is possible we don’t even notice it a lot of the times, but the cause for these repetitions are the stored patterns with their vibration of frequencies that are habituating and growing in our closet. When the mess reaches our reality, in our daily lives, suddenly appears to be, in our work, for example, people condemn or discredit our actions, or even pursues us... We go to a different job, and not long after, there goes the same story... Maybe our emotional life is the one that is never balanced. Relationships are over and we do not understand how and why this happened, blaming our partner for everything... and then, we happily go to a new relationship! “This time, everything will be different”... Therefore, suddenly, after a while, everything happens again and again! Family fights are never over... Everyone is trying to make this right! But each moment, something happens and complicates it all, no matter how hard we are trying to make things better... Why has it got to be that way? It is so hard to stand it! Discouragement, anguish, sadness always comes before the moments in which we anxiously anticipate for great changes or even for a miracle!

It all happens because the contaminated drawers provoke energetic losses. While we loose frequencies, our subtle levels nourishment is consumed and our reality becomes a great stimulation for addictions, mind escapes, delicious and tasty food or that wonderful chocolate... among other options.
Sometimes, in these situations, our pounds start to increase, in spite of our control. Other times, in a silent request for help, we try defending ourselves, and then, we change our behavior, such as, we stop wanting to eat or we loose our sense of pleasure, nothing attracts us anymore... The consequences affect every level of our conscience, more and more, or according our example, affect every shelf in our closet. This happens because these shelves are interconnected and are represented in one another. For this special reason, the closet gets, inevitably messier than ever, and then, the conflict appears to affect any aspect of our life, such as, our sexual life or our professional performance. Suddenly everything is messed, difficult, and we notice how confusing it all got and end up loosing ourselves.

Now, we reached the interesting part of the closet. Among all this internal and external confusion, as a natural defense, we start to look for supplies to substitute these losses of energy - and in this very moment – our senses become “collecting tools” from the lost frequencies. Furthermore, our mind fantastically does everything by itself! Thus, even without our notice, we will prefer, we will choose and we will like more or less, we will deeply need the stimulations from a specific color or flavor, certain sound or musical tonality, at last, we will look for supply to our frequency losses through an amazingly and subtly coded self recognition.

The most interesting is that this reaction happens naturally and unconditionally to ALL OF US. It is a process; it is our mind’s natural defense! A FANTASTIC CODE, that explains all of our patterns, conflicts, suffering, unbalance, difficulties and problems in every area of our lives’ causes! In addition, best of all, this same code enables and makes it possible to use tools for a personal renewal. So, we naturally get healthier and easily achieve goods and benefits! There are some techniques to promote drawers cleaning and organization. Practical, effective and easy exercises, enables the recapture of balance in our personal and familiar relationships. The individual is prepared for his professional development. His spiritual evolution becomes natural. He is peaceful, for his sense of security is increased... in other words, naturally and clinically the individual guarantees his happiness!

I know I sometimes get so excited writing or talking about this subject. However, I know it occurs because I simply love this methodology and its wonderful results, which profoundly touched me, for so many times. Whenever I try to interpret my personal code and try to keep an exercise routine, or when we teach the concepts and fundamental techniques for this knowledge, in our courses and appointments, I am amazed at the natural and simple way that everything gets clear and easier, precise and delightfully logical.

After the conscience overtaking, a few steps, sequences and continuous practice are enough... It is amazing! It is magical! Fantastic! Touching! Evolution occurs! Light years, maybe! It is a Divine Process! And it is for you, my dear reader, that I will be, in my next articles, approaching this process, its codes and meaning! This is the first of some I will write to you, with lots of care.
Until next time...

Isabel Romanello is Essential Balance’s co-founder, together with José Ervolino Neto. They work as coordinators of courses and events, as well as, therapists in personal appointments, and business human relationship improvement.

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Isabel Romanello é Co-fundadora da Equilíbrio Essencial com
J. Ervolino Neto, que atuam como coordenadores de cursos, eventos
e como Terapeutas em atendimentos individuais e na área empresarial.
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