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Numerology prospects for 2005

Translated by Luciana Soares Lopes - [email protected]

In life, nothing is really permanent, everything moves like the hands of the clock, but always to something new, to new moments, new opportunities and new learning.
At this moment, humanity is expecting a new turn of the wheel and, again, the hope of happier days, new love, new ways, fulfill all the hearts, all over the world, in all social levels and here we go to the crossing of a new door: the year 2005.
We had, in 2004, the opportunity of working our hearts, love, family, generosity and now we start a year (2005) that asks for a deep inward process, a brave introspection and re-evaluation of our journey. It's a year for us to see our truth and working our inner assurance, truly take on what we are, our wishes and our searches. Put our energies on overcoming our fears, our mental blocks, our limits, overcoming ourselves and practicing compassion, supporting people on the elevation of their own awareness, overcoming their own limits.
This year of 2005 pushes us to raise our mind, our thought energy, to accept, love and respect everyone and ourselves equally - the way they are. It's a moment to be concentrated, focused, not allowing external interference affect our action, thoughts and feelings; trying to be in peace, it does not matter what happens to our life, never losing the sense, the essence of who we are. We must search for stillness, harmony, peace, and privacy to our balance, to make a mental cleaning of the scripts, beliefs, and values, in an inward process and of real cleaning and alchemy.
It's a year to use our capacity of strategic planning to reach our new aims and truths, being necessary as it was never before to put our energy on the searching of self-knowledge and a connection with the Inner Self, with the Divine.

The practical world, there will be auspicious vibrations to learning, for specialization, improvements, master degrees, courses, new technologies, strategic investments, based on a more specialized and professional attitude.
The sentimental area, it's the year of the truth and of the genuine, being necessary to live the relationship in depth, based on true values and completely assuming our choices, legitimating them to the world.

The year 2005 is ruled by the Arcane VII - The Chariot, which brings a new direction, asking for an attitude of moving forward with faith, without looking back, believing in ourselves, in life and in something bigger. It's also ruled by Arcane II - The High Priestess, who asks us to move forward, but listening to our intuition and our heart, keeping us to the ethic of Arcane V - The Hierophant, having discernment in our judgments and decisions, the wisdom of Arcane XX - The Judgment.

This year 7 can increase some ‘soul sickness’ trends such as: melancholy, sadness, mood changes, depression, victimization attitudes, feeling of rejection and abandonment, lack of self-confidence and faith, being necessary to use the positive force of number 7 to overcome these tendencies, and also the mental blocks that stops the complete expression of our soul. To find the way through this year 7, I suggest that every day we make the following statement:

"In a loving way I relate myself with my true being,
and I feel the safety and protection of my own identity.
I'm kind and compassive with myself and with the other beings".

Practice compassion, eat yellow food, wear white clothes, sing and listen to music, but mainly, have elevated thoughts, magnificent ones, keeping the heart always above the mind.

Happy 2005!
Peace and Harmony

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