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Translation by: Triskalis - [email protected]

It is easy for anyone to kneel down and display reverence to some admirable being.
The difficulty, it seems, is in one to follow the good examples and be equally deemed worthy of admiration.

Blind devotion causes the realization process to go stale; healthy admiration, on the other hand, leads to work and expanding consciousness.

Blind devotion is not Love: it is but emotional illusion.

For real Love thrives in progress and the sharing of healthy attitudes, which are inherently free of psychological ties acquired from bonding.

To revere the Highest as one seeks evolution is a wonderful step.

But when one channels devotion to the Highest, only to see one's own understanding belittled through emotional exacerbation, is indeed a tricky move.

Love for the Divine does not imply that anyone should stop reasoning; in order to feel closeness to an enlightened being, no-one has to fully embrace any given doctrine created on Earth.

Loving the Divine, yet excluding our neighbours, is an inversion of values.

Loving the Divine, however, acknowledging Divinity in our neighbours - whoever they might be, is the very core of intense joy.

Admire, in order to grow.
Love, to share.
Know, to teach.
Open your mind, to learn.
Quieten your heart, to tune into peace.
Be aware that Master and Disciple, the old and the child, man and woman, spirit and body, all of that is one expression of the same immanent ONE - Cause, Glory and Life of us all.

"All is in Everything."
"Everything is ONE!"
"All is ONE!"
"All is ONE!"

Peace and Light
Wagner Borges

Note: whilst typing these lines and recalling the wisdom of Paramahansa Ramakrishna, I thought it would be helpful to add some of those teachings to today's text.

by Paramahansa Ramakrishna

"That who is shapeless is also given shape. Like a huge ocean, an infinite expression, without vestige of boundaries. Here and there some of its waters may be frozen: the bitter cold has changed it into ice. Thus, under some refreshing influence - so to speak, of devouts, the Infinite appears to take shape.

Ice also melts as it is touched by the sun, returning to be simply water, as it was before.
Likewise, that who follows the path of knowledge, the ways of reasoning, no longer sees the shape of God: for that person, all becomes shapeless.

Ice is transformed into shapeless water as it is exposed to the Sunbeams of Knowledge. Nevertheless, it is imperative to bear the following in mind: shaped and shapeless belong with the same reality."

Text extracts from 'The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna'.

Wagner Borges is a researcher, lecturer and instructor of Astral Projection and Out-of-Body Experiences courses. He has also written 'Viagem Espiritual' (Spiritual Journey) 1, 2 and 3, among other publications.

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Wagner Borges é pesquisador, conferencista e instrutor de cursos de Projeciologia e autor dos livros Viagem Espiritual 1, 2 e 3 entre outros.
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