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Translated by Françoise Killick - [email protected]

I was talking to a very nice lady who told me she was looking for the Wit, but that she was not that sure she would find it, as this is only meant for very few people... I told her I deeply believed everyone of us has his own wits that, when used to serve, make a great difference to the Planet and to the Whole... I told her that exercising these wits, whatever they are, is a source of happiness... She looked more confident and more inclined to search for her wits... and I was happier.
In fact, the reasons why people are so reluctant to look for their wits are manifold: they do not feel confident, they think they are too old, the work to be done according to their wit would bring great happiness but no status at all, or they have to earn their lives and cannot give up a job (they do not like) to look for certain things people usually consider as hobbies, as if nobody deserved to work with something that brings such happiness....
They would rather endlessly repeat stories that did not work instead of having the courage to do something that would really change what is not well. I do know it is not an easy road, that it is full of obstacles, and each one of us knows what he can put up with... Each story is singular, and our culture, on top of all, falsely praises suffering, guilt, effortless work, and many other standards that paralyze humanity.
Now, more than ever, it is of the utmost importance that each of us becomes conscious of his unique wits that are so vital for the Whole. The fact of exercising them is the way of accomplishing our divine aim, with no rules or limitations. This does not mean it is a "work" in the usual acceptance of this word, but each one has a function for the Whole that manifests itself in different ways.
While searching for his Wit, everyone will have to face what needs to be worked out and freed, and this comes naturally. Suffering is due to our attachment to standards that need to be liberated, and it will soften as we know ourselves better and as we understand our deep motives to "serve".
There is a time for everything. We only need to have faith and know the Universe supports us when we are ready to serve according to what we are meant to.
When we are faithful to our Soul, abundance flows.

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