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What kind of human being to you want to be in the future?

Translated by Françoise Killick - [email protected]

We live in a capitalist society which emphasizes possessions, allowing only few to worry about existence. I believe we were born inside a constant cycle of evolution and that we grow as human beings.
Life becomes tastier when we manage to put our feelings at a higher level, when we stop living our daily routine life, accomplishing what we have to do mechanically without considering why and how our attitudes are taken.
Have you already given some thought to the kind of human being you would like to be in the future?
To answer this question, we surely need to answer some others: what kind of human being are you today? What do you know about yourself? What are your objectives and aims? What are your fears, hopes, feelings for yourself and for the others?
Stop and think about that for a moment. How would you rate your self-esteem? And your tolerance, your ethical capacity, your respect for the others, your self-respect, your emotional equilibrium, your affective maturity, your likes and dislikes? How do you heal your pains? Do you put your head on your pillow and cry in secret? You do not cry... Are you one of the kind to tell everyone about your life with no discernment, sharing all your thoughts and feelings? Or do you think so long before sharing your feelings that you end up choosing the wrong person to do it? Do you think before acting or act before thinking? Are you poised or impulsive? Do you respect the others' space or do you invade them?
Who are you?
How does this way of being, acting and thinking impact on your life? Does it help or disturb you? Does it bring you more suffering or more love... joy or pain?
What kind of help would you need today to improve as a person?
These are some of the many questions we can ask ourselves when we want to gain a real understanding about ourselves. Of course, I only mentioned some extremes here, as I am only aiming at stimulating reflection, but we do have to consider numerous shades between these positions.
The human being is all that: multiple, fantastic, stupid, limited and infinite... all together, in a complex and dynamic frame. The geniality is being able to perceive, evaluate one's identity and look for its improvement and development.
Knowing the kind of human being you want to be in the future implies knowing who you are today and, also, having an objective to be reached.
Choice is left to us. It is as if we could, whenever in our life, turn our attention back to our past to think about the personal history we are building ourselves; turn it to our present to elaborate our behaviours and feelings, and to our future, planning and directing our life based on acquired knowledge, in a dynamic movement.
Life is a road that can be short or long according to the way you answer this initial question. The answer will give you the parameters for your journey as it will give you the possibility to understand your space in the world as an individual, with all the roles you have to play and, moreover, it will widen the humane that is inside all of us.
The company you have during this journey will also depend on this answer. Your pleasure, you happiness or your pain depend on the level of consciousness you develop about yourself.
Give it some thought.

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