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Translated by Fernanda Silva
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There is a moment in our lives in which we need to prove to ourselves that we are capable of. That’s when we work to our Ego. We do and accomplish by ourselves. The selfishness prevails.
There is another moment, a bit far ahead, in which we work along with people and accomplish things as a team. That is when we start to evolve and understand that we are not alone. We become less selfish and more spiritually and mentally evolved.
There is a phase in when we discover a new challenge, which is accomplish deeds through people, using their minds and allowing them the utilization of the Universal law of learning – let them make mistakes, but let them accomplish…Just looking after that people so they know how to manage their vanities – they are necessary but in the right dose – and their desires. Never setting boundaries and always cheering them up. Never policing but always making decisions together.
To decide together means: Do it, make mistakes, I’m your accomplice.
Finally, there is a time in our lives in which we train people so they can reach the third phase. The most gratifying one. To do things through others is far more complicated and difficult. But without any doubt, more gratifying. The vanities come to light, the conflicts are more present and the Egos more complicated, for power is inebriating. To learn how to manage it is the uppermost secret. We have here the beginning of the recipe of how to win a big challenge.

All that I wrote until now is meant to show a phase of the merit of a result. I took me some years to learn it… The corporations can do it, and it isn’t because they are good and competent, but because they actually worth it. What is their secret? To do things with respect and love. Never forget to share the results with the ones who do it. The experts, the prepared ones not always get it and they are overcasted by the ones who are guided by their intuition. What is the difference? The last ones worth it by their attitudes and thoughts.
Intuition is God operating His miracles in silence…
Thanks Evandro Gonzales for the opening of the intuition.
Let us not to be the only ones believing in the impossible - the tool of the incompetents. The almost unknown Santo André soccer team believed and won the match against the wordly famous Flamengo soccer team in the Maracanã stadium – the very house of Flamengo. All the Santo Andre players sang the team anthem at the end of the match. This little detail showed us that there are rules there, that they do it differently, they worth it…
Daiane dos Santos, the world champion Brazilian gymnastics athlete, believed, I believed and God aids us if we are worthy.

I know we’ll meet.
Kisses on your soul.

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