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Doing the right thing and clearing up the mental house

Translated by Nancy Juozapavicius - [email protected]

(It is simple like that)
There is a moment for everything.
When it is time to rest, rest
When it is time to work, work.
It is simple like that.
If you allow, your mind
Gets wild and goes crazy.
When it is time to rest, it works.
When it is time to work, it rests.
Oh, Impossible girl!
So be smart... and awaken.
Pierce your mind with the discernment.
Change the mental pattern with the willpower.
Don’t plunge to the inertia, be harsh on her!
Concentrate... Meditate... Flow...
Cut off the interfering thoughts,
that are erratic as mental comets.
Fill the center of your forehead with a white light.
Let’s go, do it!
Go to the center of the top of the head and activate it.
Think of an energetic vortex going inside of it.
Make this energy flow up to the middle of the forehead,
Making the white light pulse actively there.
There is no mystery on that. It is simple like that.
Do the same in the other centers:
Throat, chest, navel, womb, and spine.
This cleans the vibratory area.
It is because the energy follows the thoughts,
And then the aim easily is reached.
The result is the alignment of the energies,
Easy, simple like that.
Sitting, standing up or lying down, do it!
After that is just sliding in the light...
P.S.: Celebrate life and thank Our Father in Heaven for the light.
You deserve to be happy. Make it happen. Have a right to your spirit.
Do not accept bad ideas. React! Think light!.
Balance the mind... Work... Rest... Meditate...
In the right moment.
make your life worth it.
Be proud of your spirit, and stay connect
In spirit... to the spirits of good,
by the grace of Oxalah.

(This text is dedicated to the unselfish spiritual protectors of the Umbanda, who don’t let you down, work hard and help men and bad spirits on their difficulties in the crooked invisible paths of the earth surface, always in the name of charity, always in the name of God).

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