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Translated by Françoise Killick -

It took me some time to realize that the "hunger" of the soul is much more important than the hunger of the human body. The former is more difficult to be perceived, whereas the latter manifests itself at least three times a day. It is easy to identify that our body needs food and energy to keep on living: as soon as we eat, everything is solved.

The hunger of the soul - of our other bodies, etheric, emotional, mental and astral that accompany our physical body - is only perceived after many pains. We fall sick, stressed, depressed and hardly do we understand that it is a disequilibrium between what we would like to be and what we are. The food of our non-physical bodies is pure energy and has its origin in our minds, in our standards accumulated through this life and others.

My master told me:
The emotional cycles and the habit standards are difficult to be broken. It is difficult to discern the healthy from the unhealthy because of our mental confusion, and it is therefore vital to recognize the power of our emotions as they define our lives. It is important to recognize them and be responsible for them. We create a light and positive atmosphere as we are in control of our emotions. We are the ones who create the feeling of despair, of a situation with no issue or alternative. This is the first step to our sickness, which - before it manifests physically - is mental. Our emotions are contagious. When someone laughs, we are in the mood of laughing. When someone cries, we feel sad. The same phenomenon happens when we approach someone who is depressed: negativity manifests itself as a contagious illness and contaminates the place. When somebody is negative, the persons all around become agitated and negative. This is energy.

I am sure you have already participated in a meeting that was going fine until someone with negative energy started talking... the place changed, the participants became insecure and things seemed unsolvable.

It is when difficulties arise that we need to keep our self-control and demonstrate our true evolution.
My father Saul used to say: We do know someone when we distribute losses.

It is easy to talk, and much more complicated to apply what we know. It is not necessary to know a lot nor to be a walking encyclopaedia. But it is essential to love and respect the liberty of choice of every human being.

I know we’ll be seeing each other.
Kisses in your soul.

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