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Detoxifying food is a philosophy of life!

Translated by Cleonice Franco - [email protected]

Getting detoxified, slimmer, letting go all substances that cause us troubles and blocks, that’s all we want.
And, in this respect, everybody hurries to ask me for some magic recipes. However, I resist passing them on. I reckon that the recipes are the LAST step of this clarification work. I suggest attention and calmness. Every cleanliness and transformation process is arduous and demands a lot of responsibility. I recommend that you don’t deceive yourself.
In order to grow, it’s necessary to gradually create structures, forces to sustain the growth. Nobody grows up without bones, muscles and tendons, isn’t that so?
Undoubtfully, living foods are our best accomplices for the conquest of health on all levels of existence. However, the inner intention to get detoxified, detached from all the shields and old things (beliefs, paradigms, patterns, models, conditionings, etc.) is what will determine the true success of this growth project.
The “little recipes” are no use without the inner decision to remain disciplined, determined and motivated, therefore assertive in relation to the new habits and attitudes, integrated with your growing. The human being insists on quick formulas to get out of their prisons, fears, pains. Wishful thinking! These magic, miraculous formulas do not exist.
This is the reason why, in my book “Detoxifying Food”, I first talk about the philosophy of the real meaning of detoxification, throughout several chapters, bringing to conscience:
1) The need to call a halt and AWAKE;
2) The reasons why we are so attached to our rubbish, shields, blocks, fears, sabotage, and so on;
3) The consequences that such toxins bring to our health on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual;
4) The difficulties that they bring to our growing, conquests and future;
5) How the gears that make our transformations difficult work, and;
6) The several forms, besides food, to work out this cleanliness and attitude change, and that should be used in parallel with juices, soups and teas.
Then, yes, the recipes have all the chances to work successfully, because there will be a synergy between the living food complicity and the awareness of what we want to clean and, where to get to.
Then, yes, the miracle of life may happen. With a lot of cleanliness and light in the conscience. Many times I receive messages from Internet users saying that, after having started the detoxifying treatment there comes a lot of sadness, the will to stay alone, to survey one’s past, sort of going deep down into one’s feelings. Exactly. In order to tidy a wardrobe, we first have to take everything out, get rid of what is outdated, wash what needs to be washed, dust down the wardrobe and drawers, to make it smell nice and then tidy up what is really important and useful.
At the beginning some people believe that such food, so frugal and detoxifying, will not sustain their energy demand. It may happen some drowsiness at the beginning, as the body/soul will first recover, relearn how to stock up subtle energy, prana, foods which are really living and energetic.
But, soon the vital energy will happen, as this is the energy quality that we need to “truly” grow.

It is recommended the entire reading of the book “Alimentação Desintoxicante” (Detoxifying Food) – editora Alaúde – yet not available in English, that will make it possible the practice of this philosophy of life with awareness and responsibility. Get to know the “Oficinas do Limão” (Lemon Wokshops - In Brazil only)

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Conceição Trucom é química, cientista e escritora sobre Alimentação Baseada em Plantas, considerada como Alimentação do Futuro: vitalizante e regenerativa.
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