Excessive body fat is toxin

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Translated by Nancy Juozapavicius - [email protected]

A true anchor for light movement, an obstacle to the inner longings, an unnecessary density, a poison for the cells harmony.
Humanity is uneasy. So much easiness and modernity haven’t brought the much dreamed peace and serenity. Each individual, with his peculiarities, unhappy with himself, is every time searching room to reflect about his need to review habits, beliefs and paradigms. Fatter, more intoxicated and sicker, all of them realize the pressing need to submit themselves to the learning about their own bodies, to relearn how to eat, to reeducate their habits, so they can prevent from acting against themselves, and start to harvest new results. A new future.
It’s urgent the need to recognize that subtle things like serenity, peace and happiness that we conquered depend on a healthy and harmonious body. Energetic and vital. Pro-active and lucid. After all, a new building built to be safe and solid depends on deep foundations.
Learn how to use eating as a health factor is a primary and visceral decision. In this fact I find the true awakening of self-esteem and self-valorization of life. It reveals the possibility of a real transformation, never delusive, because we are dealing with the origin and not with the surface.
It’s not about vegetarianisms or naturalisms, tables or miraculous diets, rules and limitations. But it’s about start interfering in the discontinuity of intoxicating habits, and liberating the portals for the exit of all toxins we accumulated along the day, as well as along many and many years.

It’s up to us, adults and parents, responsible for the quality of the food for us and for the ones we love, to act as informed people, with consistent, practical, objective and lucid information, in order to choose the more appropriate food and dynamics, without limiting the joy of living and the undeniable pleasure of each meal.
The more uninformed, ignorant of the purposes of the wild capitalism, more vulnerable (victims), we become, easier to be manipulated by this system.

We must avoid here the artificiality, the easiness of ready food, the chemical substances (sweeteners and sodas), the stimulants, the refined food and many other emotional and mental behaviors that will inevitably lead to the excessive body fat, the low vitality and productivity, the sickening of the immune and digestive systems, with insufficient bowel work, constipation and many other problems.

In this context, the blood gets intoxicated, and once this happens, the outcome will be tissues, organs and systems in terrible conditions. The constant lack of harmony created chaos and destruction. The other way out is the inevitable transformation that starts necessarily by the cleansing and harmonization of the physical body, this is, by the daily practice of detoxification.
To change these results, it’s legitimate that we transform the attitudes. The mistaken, saboteur, indigestible and unconscious food behavior brings highly costly and alarming results. The excess of body fat (obesity) is one of them, and this can reveal countless other displays.
Excess of body fat and obesity must be faced and treated as a swelling deriving form intoxicated cells, sick, badly formed, badly hydrated and cleansed tissues, which receive inappropriate blood irrigation and retain liquids. And because of this, they create lines, cellulites, love handles and fat, true deformities, which visually declare, to some extent, the inner disharmony.
It’s logical that solving the obesity and cellulites problem mustn’t be faced with the objective of detoxification, but undeniably this is a gift that no one refuses.
And it’s all right, because when we don’t value our health, our body and the possibility of personal victorious fulfillment, the body ‘shows up’ not only to crystallize (signal) this depreciation, but also to remind us of the sabotage that we are perpetrating to ourselves.
Thus, when we allow ourselves to detoxification, to ‘let go’ all our destructive messages, the body also doesn’t need anymore to show its ‘disharmony’, but, on the contrary, it arises a new vitality, radiance and harmony, including the physical one.

The ‘yo-yo’ effect points out that you can only achieve a result when the inner consciousness submits itself to the health restoration process through the detoxification of blood and tissues, and restore the lucidity and balance inherent of this language with a CLEAN body. Thus more intelligent. In this case, the loss of the excessive body fat will come as a consequence.
Lose weight with no criteria, getting motivated by miraculous weight loss program, with the craziest nutritious restrictions, makes your organic structure weak and open portals to new unbalance, be it physical, mental and even spiritual. As a gift, ageing and the emergence of new diseases.
I conclude it begging for clarity. There are no miracles.
Quality of life, serenity, intelligence, creativity, overcoming, victory, longevity, beauty and happiness are personal constructions in a state of wisdom.
“Knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing”
Detox Nourishment is an innovative approach and very motivating in the search for reversing the human intoxication processes, while provokes new places to the conquest of body and mind healthier and more productive.
Life is accelerated, instigating, but at the same time very intoxicating.

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