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Consequences for being different from family

The Spiritual Meaning of Motherhood

Bel Cesar
How to separate from those we love

Rosemeire Zago
Silenced pain
English version by Claver Moraes - [email protected] It is not the trauma we suffered in childhood that make us emotionally ill, but th...

Wagner Borges
A warning on this day
English version by Claver Moraes - [email protected] Hello guys, Today is very heavy here in my town. There is a mixture of air pollu...

Rubia A. Dantés
Beyond the fear... a gift..
English version by Claver Moraes - [email protected] The search subject of the true identity has permeated my dreams and my days and rec...

Wagner Borges
Talking about parents and sons in the heart’s heaven
English version by Vivian D [email protected] If life can grow in an unconscious tree (When the sea bird spreads the Great...

Wagner Borges
Radiant Assistance 2
English version by Daniel Martins Sanvito - [email protected] My brothers, take these studies and spiritual practices seriously. Y...

Rubia A. Dantés
Releasing the past
English version by Semiramis Almeida [email protected] One of this night I couldn’t sleep and... taking the opportunity, my min...

Rubia A. Dantés
Liberando o passado...
Noite dessas perdi o sono e... aproveitando a deixa, minha mente começou a viajar no passado e trazer à tona situações antigas... e no fio d...

Bel Cesar
“When one doesn’t want to, two can’t fight”
English version by Peter Webb - [email protected] “When one doesn’t want to, two can’t fight” goes the popular saying. But how do you ...

Bel Cesar
How to deal with the emptiness inside
English version by Fellipe Camarotto [email protected] I've dreamed I left to fly at night when I listened someone saying: Follow...

Elisabeth Cavalcante
Practicing the Yes
English version by Heryck - [email protected] Two words can make a big difference in our lives, yes and no. Even though many times we compla...

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